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In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day – May 24th – We wanted to introduce you to Geocaching.

Geocaching is an Outdoor Treasure Hunt for Everyone – Everyday! Geocaching is the Perfect Family Adventure no matter where you are.
To sign up for the 24/7 365 Treasure Hunt everywhere in the world – simply go to and sign up for a Free Account.

Just for fun we searched within 1 mile of all of our Resorts — look how many you can go search for …. Amazing .. approx. 4000 Treasures Await you!
Emerald Cove – 156
Cherry Valley – 726
KQ Ranch – 112
Pismo Beach – 384
Ghost Mountain – 197
Northshore – 148
Yuma Lakes – 1289
Lake Havasu Springs – 788
El Golfo – 76

So basically — all you need to enjoy this activity and explore new adventures is a GPS or Smartphone. If you want to truly Geocache — do it the original way with your handheld GPS and download the caches in the area to your device. If you want to make it a little easier — Use your smartphone and an app that basically lists them with maps for you – such as C:Geo .

Its always good to take a pencil with you to log your finds and sign the log. I you plan on going to find a few its best to take a bag with your water and supplies as well as gloves, possibly little digging device, small items to exchange, and of course a camera.

Hope you have fun and find some new and exciting treasures and locations. Please share your photos with us on the appropriate Resort Facebook Pages!

Once Again — Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day!!!

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