Tips to Keep Your RV Cool in the Heat

Keep Cool in your RV this Summer!

Here are some tips for you to keep your RV cooler in the hot weather.

  1. Keep doors and windows shut — even during evenings and early mornings to keep the cool air inside –
  2. Have your Air Conditioner maintained and make sure your filters are clean
  3. Turn your Fridge and Hot Water Heater to Propane — save your power for the Air Conditioner
  4. Cover your windows … UV Blocking Sun Shades will block 90% of heat from Entering Windows
  5. Put vent covers in your Fan Vents to keep Sun and Heat out
  6. Cover your Sky Light Domes with a Towel or Blanket
  7. Don’t run High Voltage Appliances (i.e. Coffee Maker, Microwave, Blow Dryer, etc) while running the AC
  8. Invest in a Surge Protector for you main electrical input — to ensure you don’t have Voltage problems and ruin appliances
  9. Use a Surge Protector Power Bar inside on your TV and Electronics
  10. Keep Doors, Windows, and Vents Closed
  11. Use LED Lights — they virtually use NO Power and have no heat
  12. Cook outside whenever possible

Enjoy the Heat and Stay Cool!  Hope these tips helped a bit!


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