Yuma Lakes Resort News

George and Belinda want to welcome all of our winter visitors back at Yuma. After a long hot summer the park is once again teaming with friendly faces and bustling activities. On most weekday mornings you can find coffee and donuts supplied by our RV friends while displaying their new coaches. Stop by and have a cup of coffee and kick some tires.

Comedy Act-February 7th, Laughing Bird at 7:00 p.m.
We have some of the craftiest winter visitors in Yuma. Come see them displaying their wares every other Saturday or bring a table and show off your crafty side!

We will be wearing the green and planning all of the fun and festivities for a great St. Patty’s Day bash, bring your party hat and plan on staying up late (way past dark).

The new brick wall in Redondo was sorely needed and is greatly appreciated. While most won’t notice, hundreds of thousands of rock was placed and graded on our roads and sites. The remodel on our restrooms interiors and exteriors look great. The pool and clubhouse also has a new roof that should keep the rain out for some time to come. The hot tub and the pool got “face lifts” over the Summer and it really shows.

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